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Doll Quilts

authentically handmade in the same way a large quilt would be made


  New quilts will be added as they are made 

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Handmade Doll Quilt Blanket - Pink, Lavender, Blue - Fits 18" American Girl Beds


Measuring approximately 17 1/2" x 21 1/2" traditionally made doll quilt. Hand quilting with a scalloped border makes this a sweet addition to 18" American Girl sized doll beds as well as vintage or antique doll beds and cradles. Coordinates well with the "Sleepy Bear" sheet set.

Handmade Doll Quilt with Embroidered Kitten Pillow Sham


New handmade "Pus in the Corner" doll quilt with coordinating embroidered kitten pillow sham. Made to fit 18" doll beds.

Doll Quilt Blanket Fits 1:6 Scale Bed "Crazy Quilt"


Measuring approximately 12" x 14", this little quilt is made to fit playscale 1:6 scale doll beds such as for Barbie and Blythe. Hand embroidered with tiny feather stitches. Hand quilted and tied.

Doll Quilt Blanket with Pillow and Sham - "Churndash"


New handmade doll quilt with coordinating pillow and sham. The quilt is made using an antique "Churn Dash" pattern. The pillow sham has been hand embroidered with an antique embroidery design featuring a sleeping girl with her bunny.